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Since more than 20 years the IAT has offered specialized sport and training scientific information services to scientists and coaches working in junior and senior elite sport. The database SPONET today has a stock of documents of more than 45.000 sources and full-text documents. Based on this database the Department Information Communication Sport of the IAT has developed the SPRINT-information service, offering users a continuous access to quality controlled information on recent publications in sport science from all parts of the world.

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You want to get regular information on the latest sources in our databases directly by email? The subscription to our SPRINT service is easy to manage!

You only need to describe once which individual sport and training scientific interests you have (which sports, which fields of science, which topics of sport science and training practise, which journals) and to send it to us. In the next step experienced documentation experts in sport science transfer this information into retrieval strategies for your individual information profile. From now on you receive regular emails from the Department Information Communication Sport informing you about the latest publications in your fields of interest.

We have developed an easy to handle registration form. For the description of your fields of interest you are invited to use the list of controlled SPONET key words which you find as part of our database. But you can also verbally describe your interests as an informal text.

In case of question please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your contact person

Dr. Hartmut Sandner
Head of Department Information Communication Sport

phone: +49 0341  4945 133
fax: +49 341 4945 126


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