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International post-Olympic Workshop

The 4th edition took place from 14-16 January 2019 in Oslo (NOR) with 14 countries participating.

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Background Information

POW 2015 2The post-Olympic workshop is an event where top managers of national elite sport organizations are invited to present and discuss recent topics and problems in the development of high performance sports. It covers all fields from finances, organizations and structures via talent ID and long-term performance build-up until to coaching and coaches training in the different countries.

It is an informal forum offering on an open discussion among the decision makers in elite sport on an agenda which the participants by themselves develop. The focus is on countries with comparable aspirations and conditions in their approach to develop the national elite sport.

The event is organized every second year at the beginning of the post-Olympic year.

Previous Workshops

1st post-Olympic workshop 16-18 January 2013 INSEP Paris (France)
7 countries participating
2nd post-Olympic workshop
18-20 January 2015 IAT Leipzig (Germany) 12 countries participating
3rd post-Olympic workshop
24-26 January 2017 OTC Kuortane (Finland) 13 countries participating


POW 2015 1 POW 2015 3

Impressions of the 2nd pOW 2015 in Germany



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