World Championship
Freestyle Seniors
1990-09-06 Tokyo (JPN)
90.0 kg
  Rank   Name   Country  
  1.   Chadarzev, Makharbek   USSR URS
  2.   Campbell, Christopher Lundy   United States of America USA
  3.   Mohebbi, Mohammad Hassan   Islamic Republic of Iran IRI
  4.   Schneider, Ludwig   Federal Republic of Germany GER
  5.   Alabakov, Rumen   Bulgaria BUL
  6.   Simsek, Kenan   Turkey TUR
  7.   Deskoulidis, Iraklis   Greece GRE
  8.   Edgelow, Gregory   Canada CAN
  9.   Lombardo, Renato   Italy ITA
  10.   Rombouts, William   France FRA