Performance Analysis

Technology for the assessment of athlete performances is being used on a daily basis in high performance sport, The use of video camera and computer software technologies have become readily available to coaches and are being used to assess athlete techniques/skills and make corrections to optimize perfomances. Also the use of other technologies to measure forces exerted on or by the athletes are being used by coaches and researchers to try and gain some more insight on factors associated with good performance. The integration of technologies (video and force) into one easy to use package, that is available to the coach for the on-site assessment of performances is a next step in the providing tools for the collection of information on athlete performances. Additionally, understanding the information that is coming from such technologies and how it can be used to assess and improve performance is important. This article will discuss and describe the integration of technologies used by elite Canadian athletes for the assessments of their performance (skills). Practical examples will be provided for the Olympic sport of luge and the Paralympic sport of swimming, showing how integration of technologies have been implemented into onsite training environments to provide real-time information for the improvement of performances.
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Subjects: maximal strength biomechanics swimming video sledding high performance sport sport for handicapped elite sport strength strength endurance performance performance diagnostics
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