Team Coherence to Subversion converter

It converts one or several Project or File Folders of a TC repository to an svndump file that is accepted by svnadmin load. TC revisions are ordered by commit timestamp and grouped by equal log message into SVN commits. TC Version labels are converted into copies of the trunk and put into the tags folder in the SVN repository. TC author names can be rewritten. For this, the program loads on start the config file authormap.txt from the program directory if it exists. Similarly, there is a MimeType map, mapping file extensions to mime types. This optional file must be named mimetypes.txt.

Thanks to Andre Beckedorf from the Graphics32 project for the changes to rewrite author names, for TC file group handling and others.

The converter will discard the following TC information:

This program requires the TC Client to be installed. It was tested with TC build The handling of TC File Groups does not use the TC API to look up file group extensions, but instead scans the temporary directory for additional files with same basename during TC get operations.

It was announced on 9th Sep 2009 at news://


If you don't trust that this program works, try diff -x .svn -Naur sources-gotten-with-tc/ sources-checked-out-from-an-svn-repository-with-a-tc2svn-dump-loaded/ >should-be-empty.patch

This is free software, covered by GPL3. Copyright 2009 Michael Bunk.