A gender-based kinematic and kinetic analysis of the snatch lift in elite weightlifters in 69-kg category

The objective of this study was to compare the kinematic and kinetic differences in snatch performances of elite 69-kg men and women weightlifters, the only category common to both genders. The heaviest lifts performed by 9 men and 9 women weightlifters competing in 69-kg weight class in Group A in the 2010 World Weightlifting Championship were analyzed. The snatch lifts were recorded using 2 cameras (PAL). Points on the barbell and body were manually digitized by using Ariel Performance Analysis System. The results showed that maximal extension angle of the ankle and knee during the first pull, the knee angle at the end of the transition phase, and maximal extension angle of the knee in the second pull were significantly greater in men (p < 0.05). The angular velocity of the hip was significantly greater in men during the first pull (p < 0.05). During the second pull, women showed significantly greater maximal angular velocity at the hip and ankle joints (p < 0.05). Moreover, the maximal vertical linear velocity of the barbell was significantly greater in women (p < 0.05). The absolute mechanical work and power output in the first pull and power output in the second pull were significantly greater in men (p < 0.05). However, the relative mechanical work was significantly greater in women during the second pull (p < 0.05). The results revealed that in 69-kg weight class, women were less efficient than men in the first pull, which is strength oriented, whereas they were as efficient as men in the second pull, which is more power oriented.
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Subjects: weightlifting technique analysis biomechanics investigation method high performance sport elite sport snatch male female movement co-ordination
Notations: strength and speed sports
Published in: Journal of Sports Science & Medicine
Published: 2012
Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Pages: 162-169
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