Local sensor system for badminton smash analysis

This paper presents a development of a sensory system for analysis of badminton smashes. During a badminton game, the ability to execute a powerful smash is fundamental for a player to be competitive. In most games, the winning factor for the game is often attributed to a high shuttle speed during the execution of a smash. . It was envisioned that the shuttle speed can be correlated from the speed of the rackets head. To help analyze the key relationship between the racket speed and the shuttle ball speed, a series of sensors were integrated into a conventional racket. The aim of this investigation is to develop a sensor system that will facilitate the quantifiable analysis of the badminton smash. It was determined in a previous investigation that a single accelerometer is insufficient to determine the two or three dimensional trajectory of the racket. Therefore a low mass compact, 2-axes piezoelectric accelerometers was applied to the head of the racket. An acoustic shock sensor was also mounted on the racket head to identify the instant of the contact event. It was hypothesized that the magnitude of the acoustic signal, associated with the hitting event, and the final speed of the racket when fused could provide a good correlation with the shuttle speed. The fuzzy inference system and ANFIS (Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inferior System) sensor fusion techniques was investigated. It has been demonstrated that it is possible to analyze the performance of the smashing stroke based on the system developed in this investigation which in turn may, with further develop by a useful aid to badminton coaches and the methods developed may also be applicable to other applications
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Subjects: badminton attack technique analysis movement velocity biomechanics investigation method auxiliary device
Notations: sport games technical and natural sciences training science
Published: 2009
Pages: 883-888
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