How to attack the service: an empirical contribution to rally opening in world-class badminton doubles

(Wie soll man die Aufgabe bekämpfen: Ein empirischer Beitrag zur Eröffnung des Ballwechsels von Weltklasse-Doppeln im Badminton)

The start of a rally is of particular importance in the doubles disciplines, as the receiving double may take the initiative in the rally with an aggressive return. To do so, the shuttlecock must be reached quickly and hit close to and high up at the net. Within these parameters it is likely that internationally successful top players are superior to less successful players. To provide evidence of this, the return by 10 female and 12 male doubles players was examined during an international tournament and the two parameters of time difference between service and return and the horizontal distance of the shuttlecock from the net at the point of contact were determined. It is argued that successful top players reach the shuttlecock faster and closer to the net than less successful players. With qualitative analyses the aim is to identify more effective movement techniques for the return. Differences between successful and less successful players in terms of these parameters can be detected in men but not in women. Players who are excellent at taking serve launch explosively with both legs, and accelerate the racket forwards by stretching the striking arm in a straight line to the shuttlecock.
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