Biomechanical modeling and analysis of human skeleton validating by badminton forehand smash

(Biomechanische Modellierung und Analyse des menschlichen Skeletts dargestellt am Beispiel des Badminton Vorhand Smash)

This study used reverse engineering and computations based on kinematic, dynamic, and biomechanical theories to build a three-dimensional biomechanics model of the human skeleton, with calculation simplified by ignoring the effect of muscle on multiple bones. The muscle force effect on the bones was based on the human actual motion path and velocity. Thus, the model was validated using the example of the badminton forehand smash, with the kinematic trajectory point data of real arm joints captured by a high-speed camera and the rotation angles of the various joints computed using kinetic equations. The model was then used to simulate the dynamic effects on the human skeleton of different motion modes, providing a novel reference for evaluating the risks of sports injury.
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Schlagworte: Badminton Biomechanik Modellierung Bindegewebe Technik Angriff
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Veröffentlicht in: 14th International Symposium on 3D Analysis of Human Movement
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