Kinekt technology application to improve technical fitness of 8-10 year-old hearing-impaired badminton players

(Kinekt-Technologieanwendung zur Verbesserung des Technikvermögens 8- bis 10-jähriger hörgeschädigter Badmintonspieler)

The study was designed to profile variations of the 8-10 year-old hearing-impaired badminton players’ technical fitness in a special training course with application of the Kinect technology. The study provides theoretical grounds and experimental evidence of the Kinect technology being beneficial for the hearing-impaired badminton players’ education and training process. The technology was found to facilitate the trained movement sequence being clearly visualised and persistently reiterated with a real-time performance control capacity and based on an individualised approach to the education and training process. The Kinect technology applied in the hearing-impaired badminton players’ primary education and training process was found effective as verified by the significant growth of the relevant technical and physical performance and functional capacity test rates and the cognitive function progress rates of the junior athletes. The study data and analyses make an important contribution to the knowledge of the computer technologies applicability for the athletic motor skills and qualities development process. The study analyses the potential promises of this accessible test technology that may be easily applied both in the physical education and practical training process. Later on the application software may be advanced to provide the practical tools for mastering smash shots and train a variety of other sport-specific motor skills; including the optional applications of the Kinect technology versions designed for other sport disciplines.
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