Notational Analysis of Sport

Notational analysis is used by coaches and sport scientists to gather objective data on the performance of athletes. Tactics, technique, individual athlete movement and work-rate can all be analysed, enabling scientists, coaches and athletes to learn more about performance and gain a competitive advantage. Systems for notational analysis are becoming increasingly sophisticated, reflecting the demands of scientists in technology. This 2nd edition contains updated information about all the new technology and a review of the latest notational analysis research. Contents: Introduction 1. The need for feedback 2. The nature of feedback 3. The use of feedback-based technologies 4. Notational analysis - a review of the literature 5. Sports analysis 6. How to develop a notation system 7. Examples of notation systems 8. The use of performance indicators in performance analysis 9. Analysis of notation data: reliability 10. Establishing normative profiles in performance analysis 11. Models of sport contests - Markov processes, dynamical systems and neural networks 12. Measuring coaching effectiveness 13. From analysis to coaching 14. References
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Subjects: sport science research competition analysis tactics technique individual performance assessment soccer tennis land hockey badminton squash basketball javelin throw video feedback
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