Book of Abstracts - 8th Annual Congress European College of Sport Science, July 9-12,2003, Salzburg, Austria

Der Band veröffentlich die Zusammenfassungen der auf der 8. Jahrestagung des European College of Sport Science am 9.-12. Juli 2003 in Salzburg, Österreich, gehaltenen Vorträge.
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Subjects: sport science sports medicine sport physiology metabolism muscle physiology adaptation injury track and field neurophysiology biomechanics training nutrition learning test sport psychology sport sociology antioxidant vibration training running soccer apparatus gymnastics recovery cycling long distance running handball water-polo synchronized swimming triathlon triple jump sprint shooting weightlifting baseball fatigue cross-country skiing female swimming skiing canoe slalom rhythmic gymnastics basketball boxing overtraining skijumping immunity volleyball table tennis performance diagnostics icehockey
Notations: biological and medical sciences endurance sports combat sports strength and speed sports sport games technical sports
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Editors: E. Müller, H. Schwameder, G. Zallinger, V. Fastenbauer
Published: Salzburg Institute of Sport Science, University of Salzburg 2003
Pages: 500
Document types: book
congress proceedings
Language: English
Level: advanced