New perspectives for performance analysis in sport

Performance analysts traditionally focused on team and match-play sports, and various techniques to collect and analyse data have been effectively used in these sports (Hughes and Bartlett, 2002). No publications of such kind of analyses in Rhythmic Gymnastics could be found in literature. Therefore, the first aim of this study is to define effective methods for computerised analyses of group compositions in Rhythmic Gymnastics. These methods need to be suitable both to analyse the world`s leading gymnastics groups and to provide teams with feedback on their performance compared to the world leaders. But the time it costs to obtain the necessary quantitative data from video digitization is so high that the advantages of immediate feedback are not available to the athlete and the coach (Kall,T.O. 2004). Furthermore, to facilitate the immediate feedback benefits to improve performance, rapid performance analysis methods must be developed. Therefore, the second aim of this study was 1.) to define effective computerized methods to evaluate group compositions in rhythmic gymnastics and 2.) to develop a performance analysis system to determine real time kinematics for sports such as skiing, handball, and gymnastics. Finding an indoor determining positions system that covers a large area in real time, is a desirable aim in the field off sports analysis.
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Subjects: analysis diagnostics performance diagnostics sport investigation method test measuring procedure rhythmic gymnastics handball alpine skiing feedback training competition
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