Speed in the javelin throw: An analysis of the javelin of disabled and non disabled top national athletes

The tapping data shows a development of an individual optimism for the cyclic frequency speed. This development correlates with the potential of the coordinative and conditional abilities. At the beginning of the study the Figure 3: means of the contact times (KT)/ non contact times (KfT) for the examinatio and trials potential of the abilities was lower than at the end of the examinations. The different ability levels have to be considered for the interpretation of the data. The increase of the variance within the trials and in the course of the trials points towards an exhaustion of neural factors. The exhaustion of the energy stored in the muscle does not occur as the role of strength is subsidiary for those performances. The non contact times and contact times correlate with each other and are based upon the temporal relations of the intra and intermuscular coordination (fig. 2). The increase of the non-contact duration and the decease of the ground contact times in the course of the examination characterize the complexity of the controlling processes (fig. 3). The reason for that is the exhaustion of the neural factors due to the fact that the requirements concerning movement precision especially for repetitive movement patterns rise. The innervation of the muscles leads to an imbalanced coordination of the movement, which affects the transmission of the energy during the ground contact and indicates exhaustion. To draw conclusions for the composition of the run up in javelin the impact of coordination on movement precision for speed performances in javelin, already after short time periods needs to be considered. This confirms that even in high performance sports, the adjustment of kinematic characteristics is an ongoing process. The correlation between coordinative and conditional factors in elementary and complex speed will have to be examined further on.
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Subjects: high performance sport javelin throw elite sport sport for handicapped technique velocity analysis biomechanics movement co-ordination coordinative ability movement precision
Notations: training science sports for the handicapped strength and speed sports
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