National Institute for Sports Science and Safety

A nonprofit research and education institute for the prevention of sports injuries and related musculoskeletal research through the study of injury mechanisms and protective sports equipment. RESEARCH and TESTING BASEBALL AND SOFTBALLL BATS AND BALLS A Cooperative Research and Testing Program for Bat and Ball Performance (September, 1998 - August, 2000) - The previous critical review (see below) clearly indicated a paucity of data on bat and ball performance - there are no published data. Obviously, this is a concern since governing bodies are attempting to regulate bat and ball performance. This study, funded by the SGMA, addresses these and other existing limitations by providing the first publically available test method and data on baseball bat and ball performance. Progress and all data are provided as soon as possible through this link. NCAA Research Program on Bat and Ball Performance (November 12, 1997) - A critical review of issues, testing methodologies, and data related to baseball and softball bat and ball performance. Static and Dynamic Baseball Testing - A study on the mechanical and impact behavior of traditional baseball and baseballs modified to be safer. Static and Dynamic Softball Testing - Using the same methodology as described in the baseball testing, various softballs are being tested. The results should be available shortly. References - A list of references in baseball and softball related to NISSS's work. Links - A list of links related to baseball and softball that may be of interest and helpful. Wrist Guards - Experimental studies on the efficacy of wrist guards used for in-line skating and snowboarding. Snowboard Boots - A novel apparatus for measuring the mechanical properties of snowboard boots over the full range of motion of the ankle has been developed. The apparatus is presently being used for research and product development. Head Impacts in Freestyle Aerial Ski Jumping - An evaluation of the cognitive abilities of athletes on the US Freestyle Aerial team was performed to assess the effect of head impacts over the course of a jumping season.

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