Individual Attack Behaviour

Complaints about inadequate individual abilities and skills come from almost all coaches at all performance levels. Against the background of the adoption of offensive defence playing styles in youth handball, these concern not only shots at the goal (throwing variants) as the central concluding action in a game but, even more significantly, the moves leading up to the final action. The key question in training young players is: What should the playing behaviour of our young players be like and how should they acquire it? The basis of the playing behaviour described below is offensive defence play aiming at winning the ball, with an emphasis on the central one-on-one situation (one-on-one without the ball and one-on-one with the ball). Typical defence systems include man-to-man defence from the central line, man-to-man defence outside the 9m and 1:5, 3:3 or 3:2:1 zone defence formations.

Subjects: training handball attack
Notations: sport games
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Language: English
Level: intermediate