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General Training Articles Power Clean Program by Jud Logan Pre-Season Conditioning by Brad Hackett Medicine Ball Training (Core Strength and Flexibility) by Tom Petranoff Medicine Ball Functional Training by Rob Lasorsa A Beginner's Guide to Throwing the Weight, by Matthew Ellis General Physical Preparedness (GPP) for the Throws, by Matthew Ellis Pole Vault Articles NEW! Inside Pole Vaulting Monthly Articles by Bill Falk Inside Pole Vaulting #1 - Choosing Pole Vaulters Inside Pole Vaulting #2 - Think Up! Inside Pole Vaulting #3 - The Language of the Pole Vault Inside Pole Vaulting #4 - Pole Vault Checklist Inside Pole Vaulting #5 - You Need a Swing! Choosing a Pole Vault Pole by Bill Falk The Pole Vault "Take Off" by Mark Strawderman New Pole Vault Rules High Jump Articles The High Jump Approach by Holly Kelly-Thompson Jumps Clinic Warm-Up by Paul Souza Shot Put Articles Basic Shot Put Technique by Mark Harsha Progressions to Obtaining a Proper Power Position in the Shot Put or Discus by Gary Aldrich Glide Shot Put Technique by Rob Lasorsa Feet Alignment in the Power Position of the Shot Put by Gary Aldrich Middle School Shot Put by Virg Polak Discus Articles Basic Discus Technique, by Mark Harsha Progressions to Obtaining a Proper Power Position in the Shot Put or Discus, by Gary Aldrich Discus Training Progression, by Rob Lasorsa Gripping and Release Drills for the Discus, by Gary Aldrich Keeping the Discus Throw Simple and Efficient, by Matthew Ellis Sprints Articles Sprinting "The Florida Way" by Mike Holloway Strategies and Tactics on Running the 400 Meters by Rob Lasorsa Middle Distance Articles The 800 Meters by Steve Gardiner Race Day Warm-up and Cool Down by Timothy G. Hale The Steeplechase - Training and Racing by Mike Dilley Javelin Articles Progressive Steps to Teaching the Javelin Throw, by Rob Lasorsa Teaching the Javelin Throw, by Jim Giroux

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