Sports medicine applied to baseball

List of contents: Sport Training Medical Control (Dr. Gilberto Ante Vidal) Public Health Issues in Baseball (Dr. William Boyd) Nutrition in Baseball (Dr. Gianfranco Beltrami) Children and Baseball (Dr. Desmond Bokor) Infectious Diseases in Baseball (Dr. Gianfranco Beltrami) Drugs: Use and Abuse (Dr. William Boyd) Doping and Health Risks (William Boyd) Injury Prevention in Baseball (Dr. Gilberto Ante Vidal) Injuries in Baseball Players: Hand - Elbow - Shoulder (Dr. Leo Varriale) Injuries in Baseball Players: Back - Thigh - Knee - Lower Leg - Ankle (Dr. Atsushi Masujima)
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Subjects: baseball training competition injury disease damage nutrition health doping prevention
Notations: biological and medical sciences sport games
Editors: International Baseball Federation
Published: Lausanne 2001
Pages: 74
Document types: book
Language: English
Level: intermediate