Rotation characteristics of the shoulder, torso, and pelvis during pitching for Taiwan elite and subelite collegiate baseball pitchers

This study investigates kinematics of the upper torso and pelvis, including the horizontal rotation of upper torso and pelvis, twist of the trunk (i.e., the X-factor, the difference of the included angle between shoulder and pelvis), and flexion of the trunk during windup, stride, arm cocking, arm acceleration, arm deceleration and follow-through. Integrated study of the torso, shoulder, and pelvis motions may not only contribute to pitching strategy, but also could be helpful to reduce the harm to the shoulder. Through studying Taiwan elite pitchers and subelite pitchers who usually have less muscle mass and weight, and different pitching pattern, were compared to west pitchers.
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Subjects: baseball throws rotation biomechanics shoulder thorax
Notations: sport games
Published in: ISB Congress
Published: Cleveland 2005
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