Valoración de la efectividad de interceptación con éxito de la portera de balonmano ante el lanzamiento tras la aplicación de un programa perceptivo-motor

(Value of the efficiency of intercept with success of the goalkeeper of handball before the launching after the application of a perceptive program-motor)

The importance of perception in the collective sport in general, and in this particular case in handball, shows in the concrete throwing action, where the goalkeeper mustn’t only check the information joined the ball trajectory, but realize the throwing indicators of the players who do the throwing. This information is got by special sensorial receivers, what pointed the sight out like main character in our environment information reclaim. With this work we want to point the handball goalkeeper performance out, improving the stopping effectiveness suggesting a perception-motive training programme for extending and powering the skills that have been learnt, getting positive results in all the studied options, showing, the training programme, its maximum effectiveness during its development.
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Subjects: handball playing position (sport games) training perception motor learning
Notations: training science sport games
Published in: International Journal of Medicine and Science of Physical Activity and Sport
Published: 2004
Issue: 15
Document types: article
Language: Spanish
Level: advanced