Follow along with USA Baseball as it prepares for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, beginning with Team USA's participation in the 37th IBAF Baseball World Cup in November 2007. As an element of the ongoing follow-up from the Board of Directors Meeting in January, and at the request of its National Member Organizations, USA Baseball has assembled a panel of scientists –- the USA Baseball Bat Advisory Committee -– to provide advice on baseball bat performance standards in amateur baseball. The group will provide its recommendations to USA Baseball President Mike Gaski and USA Baseball Executive Director Paul V. Seiler, who will then convey these views to the National Member Organizations of USA Baseball. The Baseball Bat Advisory Committee will work in close conjunction and consultation with other relevant USA Baseball Committees and will initially consist of five members: Dr. Fred Mueller, Dave Halstead, Dr. Glenn Fleisig, Dr. Alan Nathan and Dr. Daniel Russell.
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