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Basically, the intention of this thesis is to meet two main requirements: First of all, to provide a comprehensive overview about the use and application of methods of computer science in the field of sports. This does not only include the current state of research, but also providing relevant information on other related areas. Secondly, the online version of this thesis is supposed to serve as work of reference by giving the interested reader a good direction towards his particular field of interest and pointing out cognate fields in this context. This online compendium is supposed to aid novices in acquiring knowledge as well as helping researchers who want to get a general idea of applied methods or other information, apart from or related to their own field of activity. As mentioned above, one of the scopes of this master thesis is to give an overview of the application of Computer Science in Sports. This does not only refer to actual applications or products within this field, but also to methods applied in sports, important researchers, associations & societies, journals, conferences, projects, companies et cetera. Due to the limit in terms of time, it is not possible to cover every issue in context to this extensive topic or to describe every introduced method down to the smallest detail. Consequently, each chapter contains information about what the author considers as most representative and important in the respective category. Additionally, this work does and can not claim to be complete due to the variety of research areas. Many interesting topics could not be discussed accordingly, as this would go beyond the scope of this thesis. The other fundamental idea emerged from an educational point of view: It is to support inquisitive minds in acquiring knowledge in their field of interest. Both, content and structure are organized with regard to this thought. Consequential, the thesis has originally been created in [CEWebS] (short for Cooperative Environment Web-Services). The CEWebS platform fulfills the necessary requirements to create an online compendium which is accessible to everyone interested. By using the CEWebS platform, it is possible to present the online content in an appealing form. Furthermore, hyperlinks can be placed anywhere within this project to link literature references or other relevant information, available internally as well as externally. Although, all papers mentioned in this work have been stored for immediate access. This approach does not exclude any dependencies in terms of availability, but also guarantees quick access to further literature. Computer science in sports
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Subjects: volleyball tennis swimming skiing running rowing icehockey dynamometry cycling auxiliary device golf basketball baseball badminton American football movement analysis cinematography performance diagnostics angel video measuring procedure computer information documentation
Notations: biological and medical sciences technical and natural sciences academic training and research
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