Kuwaiti and Hungarian elite man handball players

International scientists deal with handball players endurance tests and labor tests and matches analysis in Hungary since 2007. We want to reach, the teamsport should be more effective considerating individual differences.The Research Team could check Kuwaiti handball players in the time of their training camp in 2008. Methods: The Kuwaiti’s and Hungarian results comparison, the analysis of the match and a training performance benchmarking according to position the directions of the development of the efficiency.Body combination (with InBody 230), antropometrical indicators, BMI, the examinate of blood pressure, a pulse measurement, oxidative capacity, load tests, stamina runner and handballspecific tests, matches, trainingcontroll with the POLAR Team System. Results: We experimented considerable, significant differences in the stamina runner tests the lengths (20m/piece) and in the look of the accomplished largest velocities (km/h). Group m1=Hungarian elite players, m2=Hungarian NB/II, k=Kuwaiti group. (Stamina runner test m1= 101, m2=98, k=85,velocities m1=13,8, m2=14, k=13) The best oxidative capacity it in the group m1 we measured, the other two group lagged behind the sport (handball) relative VO2 average (55-60 ml/kg/min), (m1=57,25, m2=51,7, k=50 ml/kg/min). The relative VO2 has significant contact with the bodyweight and the body fat. At the Left and Right Wing and Right Back in the handball players were better, than the other one (m1 W/B Pl.=60,5, m2=61, k=57). The HR maximum and restitution values the average pulse and the blood pressure and a significant contact/context was showed with the height. Summary: The Hungarian elite handball players provided outstanding performance. For example based on the anaerobic threshold (AT) values the players in the extreme position were faster, but the pivot and shooting players were of stamina. But the Pendulum running test was distignuished by the Center Back players (142 lengths). The direction of the development has to the respect of the individual differences. The OwnZone special training plans into a respiratory period as a standlone program, in other training this period will be 1-2 times week, because the oxidative capacity, the calmness pulse and blood pressure will be right. The time regeneration and his quality is very important between the matches (much more aerob training- running, spinning, swimming- stretching with a suitable type, massage, and relaxing). References: Loftin M, Anderson P, Lytton L, Pittmann, P, Warren B, Journal of Sport Medicine and Physical Ftness 1996. 36 95-99. Horváth J, Juhász I, Mocsai L, Némerth A, Kézilabda Papirusz Duola 2004. Györe I, Terhelésélettan, teljesítménydiagnosztikai lehetoségek a labdajátékokban 2008. OSEI Budapest Jansen R, Schmidtbleicher D, Cabri J, Sportverletzung-Sportschaden, 2007.03. Dömötör E, Pulzuskontroll, Carita Bt, 2005. Jovanovic J, Jovanovic M, Medicinski pregled, 2005. 58 168-174. Hottenrott K, Training with the heart rate monitor Meyer&Meyer Sport, 2007
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