Relationships of anthropometrical characteristics with basic and specific motor abilities in young handball players

The aim of the present cross-sectional study was to investigate: 1.The relationship between anthropometrical characteristics and basic and handball-specific motor abilities in young male handball players and to compare these relations in different age groups. 2. The relationships of basic body and specific hand anthropo­metrical parameters with handgrip strength in boys going in for handball and basketball. 3. The relationships of basic body anthropometrical parameters and specific hand anthropometrical parameters with specific and non-specific throwing tests' results among young male handball and basketball players. In total, 193 Estonian handball and basketball-playing non-obese boys aged 10–17 participated in the study. The subjects were divided into different age groups based on the aims of the study. The body standing height, sitting height, body height with outstretched hands, arms’ span and body mass were measured. The body mass index (BMI kg·m–2) and leg length was calculated. A new original method was presented for the measurement of specific anthropometrical parameters of the hand. For the measurement of motor abilities the following tests were used: the 30 m run, vertical jump, medicine ball and handball throws, handgrip strength, 4x10 shuttle run, slalom dribble test, 30-metre dribbles, pass the ball on speed and precision. We suggest: 1.Anthropometrical characteristics are relatively poor predictors of the results of basic and handball-specific motor abilities that need agility, explosive strength of lower limbs, precision, speed of movement and handball-specific skills, and are significantly related to the results of basic and handball-specific throwing tests and static strength of upper limbs in young handball players of different age groups. 2. Basic body anthropometrical parameters (body height, body mass and BMI) are more important than hand-specific anthropometrical parameters in predicting handgrip strength in young handball and basketball players. 3. Both general anthropometrical characteristics and hand anthropometrical parameters are important in determining the results of basic and specific throws in young handball and basketball players.
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Subjects: handball junior elite sport anthropometry hand skill movement throws test
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