Biomotor structures in elite female handball players

In order to identify biomotor structures in elite female handball players, factor structures of morphological characteristics and basic motor abilities of elite female handball players (N=53) were determined first, followed by determination of relations between the morphological-motor space factors obtained and the set of criterion variables evaluating situation motor abilities in handball. Factor analysis of 14 morphological measures produced three morphological factors, i.e. factor of absolute voluminosity (mesoendomorph), factor of longitudinal skeleton dimensionality, and factor of transverse hand dimensionality. Factor analysis of 15 motor variables yielded five basic motor dimensions, i.e. factor of agility, factor of jumping explosive strength, factor of throwing explosive strength, factor of movement frequency rate, and factor of running explosive strength (sprint). Four significant canonic correlations, i.e. linear combinations, explained the correlation between the set of eight latent variables of the morphological and basic motor space and five variables of situation motoricity. First canonic linear combination is based on the positive effect of the factors of agility/coordination on the ability of fast movement without ball. Second linear combination is based on the effect of jumping explosive strength and transverse hand dimensionality on ball manipulation, throw precision, and speed of movement with ball. Third linear combination is based on the running explosive strength determination by the speed of movement with ball, whereas fourth combination is determined by throwing and jumping explosive strength, and agility on ball pass. The results obtained were consistent with the model of selection in female handball proposed (Srhoj et al., 2006), showing the speed of movement without ball and the ability of ball manipulation to be the predominant specific abilities, as indicated by the first and second linear combination.
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Subjects: handball female high performance sport elite sport ability motor learning performance factor performance structure flexibility coordinative ability jump explosive strength running throws
Notations: biological and medical sciences sport games
Published in: Collegium Antropologicum
Published: 2005
Volume: 31
Issue: 7
Pages: 795–80
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