Repeated-sprint performance in team sport players: Associations with measures of aerobic fitness, metabolic control and locomotor function

To examine the respective associations between indices of aerobic fitness, metabolic control and locomotor function and repeated sprint-performance, 61 team sport players performed: a repeated-sprint sequence (RSS), an incremental test to exhaustion to determine maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and peak incremental test speed (Inc. test speed), and 2-4 submaximal runs to determine the time constant of the primary phase of VO2 kinetics at exercise onset (VO2on) and cessation (VO2off). The best (RSbest) sprint times and mean sprint times (RSmean) and the percent sprint decrement (%Dec) were calculated. RSmean was almost perfectly correlated with RSbest (r=0.92;90%CL(0.88;0.95)), largely correlated with Inc. test speed (r=-0.71;90%CL(- 0.79; - 0.59)) and moderately correlated with VO2max (r= - 0.58;90%CL(- 0.70; - 0.43)); the correlations with VO2on or VO2off were unclear. For %Dec, the correlations with Inc. test speed, VO2max and VO2on were moderate (r=- 0.41;90%CL(- 0.56; - 0.23)), small (r=- 0.26;90%CL(- 0.43; - 0.06)) and small (r=0.28;90%CL(0.09;0.46)), respectively. Stepwise multiple regression analyses showed that the only significant predictors of RSmean were RSbest and Inc. test speed (r 2=0.88). Inc. test speed and RSbest were also the only significant predictors of %Dec (r 2=0.26). Present results obtained in a large sample of team sport players highlight that locomotor factors (i. e., RSbest and Inc. test speed) show much larger associations with repeated-sprint performance than VO2max and VO2 kinetics.
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Subjects: team sport sports game handball soccer high performance sport junior elite sport sprint short-distance running performance relation aerobic performance capacity metabolism steering O2-uptake maximum
Notations: training science biological and medical sciences sport games
DOI: 10.1055/s-0031-1291364
Published in: International Journal of Sports Medicine
Published: 2012
Volume: 33
Issue: 3
Pages: 230-239
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced