Kinematicni parametri položaja za izmet in izmeta pri vrhunskih metalkah kopja

(Kinematics of the delivery phase and release parameters of top female javelin throwers)

The introduction of the new-rules javelin for female athletes in 1999 was thought to be a cause of increased demand for excellence in the throwing technique and that a greater demand for biomechanical analysis was stressed. The purpose of the study was to investigate the kinematical parameters of the delivery phase and the release parameters of contemporary top female javelin throwers in order to support the above mentioned suggestion. Twenty-six throws performed during competitions by 16 right-handed top athletes (age: 28.5 years ± 4.3; body height: 1.75 m ± 0.05; body mass: 73.8 kg ± 6.3; average ± standard deviation, respectively) were recorded with a digital video camera (sampling frequency: 50fps). The delivery and release phases were examined with a 2D-DLT analysis method. The relationship of the extracted spatiotemporal, kinematical and release parameters with the official throwing distance was examined with a two-tailed Pearson correlation. The results indicated that the official distance (59.22 m ± 4.42) was strongly correlated (r = .909).
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Subjects: javelin throw female technique movement co-ordination high performance sport elite sport
Notations: technical and natural sciences strength and speed sports
Published in: Kinesiologia Slovenica
Published: 2013
Volume: 19
Issue: 1
Pages: 32-43
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