How to achieve in elite training centers without burning out? An achievement goal theory perspective

Objectives: To examine the relationships among the coach-created climate, perceived competence, achievement goals and burnout in elite adolescent-age athletes. Design: Prospective six-month-follow-up. Methods: Data were collected from a sample of 309 young French handball players participating in elite training centers. Cluster analysis and structural equation modeling procedures were employed to evaluate the hypotheses. Results: Comprised of differential scores on the dimensions of burnout, four distinct clusters were identified. Athletes in these cluster groups varied in perceptions of the motivational climate, goal orientations, and perceived competence. The structural model regarding the hypothesized relationships between perceived coach climate, perceived competence, achievement goals and athlete burnout, offered good fit to the data. Conclusions: Findings indicated that young talented athletes perceiving an ego-involving climate and emphasizing mastery avoidance goals at the beginning of the season had a higher risk of experiencing burnout symptoms at the season's end. In contrast, players perceiving a high task-involving climate and emphasizing mastery approach goals at the beginning of the season had lower burnout scores when the season concluded. Moreover, players with high feelings of competence, who also report higher scores on performance approach and avoidance goals, higher scores on mastery approach goals and lower scores on mastery avoidance goals, are less likely to experience burnout.
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Subjects: sport psychology coaching coach educational training training France handball training centre junior elite sport personality social relation
Notations: social sciences sport games
Tagging: Burnout
DOI: 10.1016/j.psychsport.2012.08.001
Published in: Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Published: 2013
Volume: 14
Issue: 1
Pages: 72-83
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Language: English
Level: advanced