Influence of anthropometric measures on throwing power

The main purpose of this research was to determine if the anthropometric measures have a significant impact on throwing power of top level junior handball players. The correlation coefficients and the stepwise linear regression analyses were used to determine the relations between the anthropometric measures and the throwing power tests. The predictor group consisted of 11 variables of anthropometric measures and the criterion variables were the results scored in 4 different throwing power tests. Significant relations were determined between the anthropometric measures and throws from 4 meters from a sitting position (.2=0.63, p<0.02), standing throw from 6 meters (.2=0.81, p<0.01), and run up three step jump shot from 9 meters (.2=0.80, p<0.01).
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Subjects: handball junior elite sport juniors strength throws relation anthropometry body indices
Notations: junior sports sport games
Published in: Acta Kinesiologica
Published: 2013
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Pages: 16-20
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced