Application of induced acceleration analysis and computer simulation in sports

The purpose of this work is to use two examples to illustrate how forward dynamics formulations can be used to evaluate and enhance sports performance. In a baseball pitching study, induced accelerations were uses to determine that centripetal/coriolis effects along with shoulder and elbow moments made the largest contribution to ball velocity. In a figure skating project computer simulations were used to enhance the ability of skaters and coaches to explore different performance strategies during the flight phase of a figure skating jumps. Specifically computer simulation software was developed to provide insight into technical modifications necessary to produce meaningful improvements in performance. Once an improved movement pattern was identified, the skater returned to their home arenas to work on implementing this new pattern.
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Subjects: analysis figure skating technique baseball computer software biomechanics simulation rotation around longitudinal axis velocity
Notations: training science technical sports biological and medical sciences sport games
Published in: International Society of Biomechanics in Sports Conference Proceedings
Editors: J. P. Vilas-Boas, L. Machado, W. Kim, P. Veloso
Published: Porto International Society of Biomechanics in Sports 2011
Volume: 29
Issue: 1
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