Psychological characteristics of Slovene handball goalkeepers

Handball is a fast, dynamic sport and the role of the goalkeeper is especially exposed, but little attention is paid to the development of the goalkeeper. We decided to focus our research in psychological characteristics of handball goalkeepers, specifically aggression, anxiety, reaction times, fluid intelligence and concentration. We compared more and less successful goalkeepers in those characteristics. We included 46 participants – 23 of them were more successful and 23 less successful, according to an expert evaluation. More successful goalkeepers were also significantly older. The data was collected in 2010 and 2011. The instruments used were Buss Durkee aggression questionnaire, Spielbereger’s anxiety inventory (STAIX – 1 and 2), Test of series for measuring fluid intelligence, the Test of Attention for measuring concentration, and the CRD Series for measuring reaction times. One-Way ANOVA was used to compare both groups. We found several significant differences between both groups – less successful goalkeepers have a faster simple reaction time and make fewer mistakes when reacting to simple stimuli and they are also quicker in response times to simple visual orientation stimuli; they also seem to lose less time when reacting to different stimuli. It thus seems that neither reaction times, fluid intelligence nor concentration or anxiety or aggression, influence the quality of handball players. The obtained result is easily explained with the age of the participants, since these are abilities, which gradually decrease over time.
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Subjects: handball male playing position (sport games) anxiety stress reaction speed behaviour perception psychic characteristics psychoregulation performance performance capacity relation intellectual ability eye
Notations: sport games social sciences
Published in: EHF Scientific Conference 18.-19.11.2011, Wien, Österreich
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Published: Wien 2011
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