Handball team staff heart rate monitoring during women's Champions League match

The aim of the study was to analyze the heart rate of members of the coaching staff (head coach, two assistant coaches, (age 36 ± 3.39 years, height 178 ± 6.86cm, body mass 83,3 ± 5.23kg). We analyzed the values of 5 matches; one very important match between HC Gyor and HC Krim Mercator and three matches in the regional league and one training/friendly match. The heart rate (HR) was recorded at one-second intervals using the Polar Team System 2 (Polar Electro, Finland). It consisted of an electrode belt which recorded ECG signals without a wristwatch. The data stored in the belt was transferred to a PC and processed using the Polar Team2 software during the matches. Based on the data obtained from the coaching staff, the program displayed the heart rate trace (beats/min) and automatically estimated energy expenditure (kcal) with the reference to each individual’s data. The energy expenditure amounted to 476.0±258.9 kcal. The mean value of the heart rate for all the matches was 96.4±17.36 beats/min and the average 87,9 ±8,5 beats/min. The maximum recorded heart rate was 145 (head coach), the max HR in all matches was 119, 2±12,6 beats/min. The values of HR and energy expenditure of the head coach are higher than for both assistant coaches. Importance of the match has a big influence on the values of HR and energy expenditure
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Subjects: handball female competition high performance sport elite sport coach heart rate heart frequency
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Published in: EHF Scientific Conference 18.-19.11.2011, Wien, Österreich
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