Tactical and strategical alternatives against anticipation defense to dangerous distance´s shooters

Coaches have been in trouble to solve situations that usually happen in many matches in which a back court player, great specialist and dangerous thrower, does not find the suitable distance for shooting with efficiency because generally speaking he is under defensive pressure, in such way that there is a good mark and control by the opponent who corresponds to him in each case, through a good defensive anticipation or by a good group tactical work on his zone that resists or annuls his individual possibilities. Go ahead that we did not refer to a situation where an individualized defense is made against the player by means of a mixed defense 5+1. We are speaking only in the cases when the opposite defenses are zonal, without concerning the type of system used. In these circumstances there are many solutions, some of individual character can be considered and, as a consequence, subject to the quality and resources of the specialist thrower - if it does not have those resources dominated is impossible to use them - , and others attacking collaboration tasks through different group tactical means - blockades, crossings, etc. -. But also there are other solutions from a strategic point of view that can help us to offer alternatives to the created problem by the defensive activity. Last ones are the most related to the team direction during the matches, but also the previously mentioned ones can be communicated to our players before and they can use them if they have the suitable capacity and the available technical resource to his resolution, trained and dominated in the training and throughout the player's sporting life and its process of learning and improvement.
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