5 times analytics has changed the face of sports

Oakland athletic's coach and early pioneer of analytics in sport, Billy Beane, once said, ‘We’ve got to use every piece of data and piece of information, and hopefully that will help us be accurate with our player evaluation. For us, that’s our life blood.’ It was, perhaps, Beane who first brought the use of data in sports to the public consciousness, with the film Moneyball showing his success to millions. Now, every major professional sports team employs an analytics expert - or a whole team of experts - who pour over every bit of data that players amass from sensors around the stadiums, wearable devices on players, and information taken from within the bodies of the athletes themselves such as DNA. Analytics is now vital to decision making in sport - choosing which players to draft, trade, develop, coach and which system to play, replacing the reliance on gut instinct that coaches traditionally relied on. We’ve look at five teams who relied heavily on analytics in their decision-making, and saw tremendous, and often unprecedented, success as a result.
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Published: 2016
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