The situation success in the handball: review

The game of handballfeatures a variety of typical and atypical situations in the game, so there is a need of the objective registration of certain situations in the game, respectively the parameters of situation efficiency of each player in a competition and situational conditions. During the game it is possible to record all the successful and unsuccessful moves of each player individually, for example the number of balls directed toward the goal, the numbers of scored goals, the percentage realization of shots on goal, turnovers and more. That way we obtain objective data of player efficiency. The parameters for the assessment of situational success, according to the rule, are collected during big competitions because they already have established methods for the registration of certain parameters on specific games and during the competition (official statistics IHF or EHF). The purpose of this study is to collect and examine papers published in the last 15 years concerning situational efficiency in handball, for the determination of the relevance of the obtained data for success in thegame of handball.
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Subjects: handball competition performance analysis perception decision behavior performance structure
Notations: sport games
Published in: Facta Universitatis: Series Physical Education and Sport
Published: 2015
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