Technique assessment of the javelin release performed by young Serbian athletes

The purpose of the present study was to indicate the biomechanical parameters of the delivery phase associated with performance in young javelin throwers. Seven right-handed young Serbian club level javelin throwers (19.0±1.0 yrs; 1.84±0.08 m; 81.0±5.2 kg) were recorded at 100 fps sampling frequency during competition. Spatial parameters (delivery stride length, distance to foul line, javelin grip height) and body configuration (joint angles, inclination of body segments) were extracted with a 2D-DLT kinematical analysis method. Model Technique Analysis Charts were used for the qualitative assessment of the throwing technique of the examined athletes. The relationship between the extracted biomechanical parameters and the official throwing distance was examined with a correlation analysis. The results revealed that the official throwing distance (46.43 ± 4.89 m) significantly (p<.05) correlates (r>.78) with release velocity (16.0±1.4 m/s), release angle (36.4±1.4 deg), javelin grip height (1.21±0.07 m) and the braking leg knee angle at its final touchdown (153.0±11.4 deg). The most common technique errors observed during the delivery phase were the flexed elbow of the throwing arm, the large knee flexion of the braking leg and the lack of the braking leg`s knee extension at the instant of release. The quantitative assessment revealed less favorable values in key biomechanical parameters compared to the results of other studies investigating elite young athletes. It is suggested that young javelin throwers` training should focus on performing the release of the javelin with a proximal to distal joint sequencing that optimizes the transfer of the kinetic energy along the body.
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Subjects: javelin throw release junior elite sport technique biomechanics analysis movement co-ordination acceleration velocity sports equipment
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Published in: Facta Universitatis: Series Physical Education and Sport
Published: 2016
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
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