Psychological characteristics and traits in male handball players - the application of multidimensional psychological sports talents scale

The main goal of the research is to determine the latent structure of the psychological questionnaires within Multidimensional Scale of Sports' Psychological Talents (MSSPT): Mental Energy Scale (MES), Modified Big Five Inventory (MBFI), Athletic Engagement Scale (AES) and Optimism Scale (OS). Second goal was to determine the correlation between the dimensions in all examined psychological characteristics in MSSPT, as well as with several relevant sport-related variables. The sample of 127 male handball players was examined, members of the teams Prvo plinarsko društvo, Metalac (Zagreb) and Zamet (Rije ka), in the beginning of 2015. In this study, four instruments from the battery MSSPT are used. The results show that 12 latent dimensions are revealed after the application of PCA, named: Openness/ Agreeableness/ Consciousness, Neuroticism/ Openness and Extraversion/ Agreeableness/ Consciousness (from MBFI), Enthusiasm/ Energy, Dedication and Self-esteem (from AES), Energy as motivator, Energy as strength during errors, Energy which lowing pressure and Energy as stable performance (from MES), Optimism/ Happiness and Energy (from OS). Almost all the dimensions in all the questionnaires showed satisfactory validity and reliability. Statistically significant correlations between the dimensions of MSSPT with relevant variables are very few (6 out of 72), mostly related with handball experience. The number of intercorrelations indicate that some of psychological characteristics within MSSPT are mostly positively but low correlated.
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Subjects: handball talent male aptitude selection sport psychology psychic characteristics investigation method interview personality
Notations: junior sports sport games social sciences
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Published in: Croatian Sports Medicine Journal
Published: 2016
Volume: 31
Pages: 29-38
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