IAAF New Studies in Athletics. Archive

Online-Archiv der Zeitschrift New Studies in Athletics der IAAF (über verschiedene Recherchefunktionen suchbare Volltexte der Beiträge mit 2 Jahren Verzug und jährlichem Update). Originaltext zum Archiv: The NSA Archive provides the athletics community with a resource of specific technical information gathered over the last quarter of a century. It is a unique database with a powerful search engine via which articles are accessible as PDF-files (Adobe Acrobat Reader Format) which can then be downloaded or read online. The archive is updated yearly and currently articles from 1986 to 2014 are available.
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Subjects: information documentation library track and field short-distance running middle distance running long distance running marathon running steeplechase race walking hurdles long jump high jump triple jump pole vault shot put discus throw javelin throw hammer throw relay multiple event training technique biomechanics
Notations: strength and speed sports endurance sports
Published: 2014
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Language: English
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