A virtual reality handball goalkeeper analysis system

Understanding how professional handball goalkeepers acquire skills to combine decision-making and complex motor tasks is a multidisciplinary challenge. In order to improve a goalkeeper’s training by allowing insights into their complex perception, learning and action processes, virtual reality (VR) technologies provide a way to standardize experimental sport situations. In this poster we describe a VR-based handball system, which supports the evaluation of perceptual-motor skills of handball goalkeepers during shots. In order to allow reliable analyses it is essential that goalkeepers can move naturally like they would do in a real game situation, which is often inhibited by wires or markers that are usually used in VR systems. To address this challenge, we developed a camera-based goalkeeper analysis system, which allows to detect and measure motions of goalkeepers in real-time.
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Subjects: playing position (sport games) handball training auxiliary device software hardware movement reaction speed anticipation
Notations: sport games technical and natural sciences
Tagging: virtuelle Realität Torwart Torhüter
Published in: Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EuroVR - EGVE - VEC
Editors: T. Kuhlen, S. Coquillart, V. Interrante
Published: Stuttgart 2010
Pages: 1-2
Document types: congress proceedings
Language: English
Level: advanced