The effect of 4-week difference training methods on some fitness variables in youth handball players

Handball is a team sport in which main activities such as sprinting, arm throwing, hitting, and so on involve. This Olympic team sport requires a standard of preparation in order to complete sixteen minutes of competitive play and to achieve success. This study, therefore, was done to determinate the effect of a 4-week different training on some physical fitness variables in youth Handball players. Thirty high-school students participated in the study and assigned into the Resistance Training (RT) (n = 10: 16.75± 0.36 yr; 63.14± 4.19 kg; 174.8 ± 5.41 cm), Plyometric Training (PT) (n = 10: 16.57± 0.26 yr; 65.52± 6.79 kg; 173.5 ± 5.44 cm), and Complex Training (CT) (n=10, 16.23± 0.50 yr; 58.43± 10.50 kg; 175.2 ± 8.19 cm) groups. Subjects were evaluated in anthropometric and physiological characteristics 48 hours before and after of a 4-week protocol. Because of study purposes, statistical analyses consisted of a repeated measure ANVOA and one-way ANOVA were used. In considering with pre to post test variables changes in the groups, data analysis showed BF, strength, speed, agility, and explosive power were affected by training protocols (P< 0.05) as well as there is an interaction between training methods and time effect for all variables (P< 0.05). As percentage changes, findings showed there was a significant difference in squat strength, agility, speed, and explosive power (p< 0.05), but no significant difference for BF and chest strength (p>0.05). In conclusion, complex training result in advantageous effect on variables such as strength, explosive power, speed and agility in youth handball players compare with resistance and plyometric training although we also reported positive effect of these training methods. Coaches and players, therefore, could consider complex training as alternative method for other training methods.
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Subjects: handball youth junior elite sport training training method training effect
Notations: sport games junior sports
Published in: International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology
Published: 2016
Volume: 5
Issue: 3
Pages: 46-56
Document types: article
Language: English
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