Sport orthopaedics. Official Manual of GOTS

Sport whether exercised as leisure, top performance, rehabilitation, or diseasepreventive sport enjoys growing popularity. Hence, the importance to diagnose and treat sports injuries correctly. In this reference book international experts present the optimal therapy of sports injury, overuse, and orthopedics. Clinic routine, diagnostics and therapy are illustrated in a praxis oriented manner; tables, checklists, and more than 300 figures ease the understanding and reading. (Klappentext) In 7 großen, wiederum mehrfach untergliederten Kapiteln handeln namhafte Experten alle Schwerpunkte der Sportorthopädie im weitesten Sinne ab: 1 Allgemeine Prinzipien der Sportmedizin 2 Diagnostische Verfahren 3 Sportverletzungen einzelner Körperteile und Sinnesorgane 4 Sportspezifische Verletzungen (in den Sportartengruppen und Sportarten) 5 Rehabilitation 6 Todesfälle im Sport 7 Sonstiges (Ernährung, Sportbekleidung, Sportschuhe, Orthesen)
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Subjects: sports medicine orthopedics injury adaptation age sex disease drugs doping sport for handicapped diagnostics facility investigation method nervous system eye ear head shoulder brain arm hand joint thorax hip knee leg foot locomotor system bone tissue ligament endurance events biathlon shorttrack speed skating canoeing running flatwater canoe racing long distance running orienteering cycling Russia swimming cross-country skiing triathlon strength-speed strength event bobsledding strength sports weightlifting track and field throws shot luge skeleton skiing skijumping mountaineering combat sport boxing fencing judo wrestling taekwondo karate sports game baseball basketball beach-volley icehockey soccer handball land hockey rugby badminton volleyball squash tennis table tennis technical event ballet figure skating apparatus gymnastics diving dancing inline-skating windsurfing mountainbiking snowboarding golf motor sport equestrian sport shooting yachting scuba diving rehabilitation recovery death nutrition clothing shoe
Notations: biological and medical sciences endurance sports strength and speed sports combat sports sport games technical sports
Tagging: Ultraschall Ellbogen Rumpf Stressfraktur Aikido Trendsport Kitesurfen Paragliding
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