Catastrophic pediatric sports injuries

The high school sports of wrestling, gymnastics, ice hockey, baseball, track, and cheerleading should receive closer attention to prevent injury. Safer equipment and sport-specific conditioning should be provided and injuries strictly monitored. Greater attention must also be paid to swimming and diving techniques, and continued observation is needed for heat stroke and heat intolerance in sports such as football, wrestling, basketball, track and field, and cross-country. An increased awareness of commotio cordis in sports other than baseball should include ice hockey, football, track field events, and lacrosse. American football because of the sheer numbers and associated catastrophic injury potential must continue to be monitored at the highest medical levels! Content: • Catastrophic sports injuries • Catastrophic head and spine injuries • Brain injuries • Intracranial hemorrhage • Cervical spine injuries • Stingers • Football • Fall sports • Winter sports • Spring sports • Cheerleading • Eye trauma • Indirect causes of death in athletes • Sudden death in young athletes • Summary • References (Fulltext if registered under
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Subjects: sports medicine injury child youth sports for children and youths wrestling basketball cross-country skiing track and field baseball land hockey winter sports skiing eye vertebral column head brain
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