Establishing a test for measuring motor skill in judo

The research aims to establish a test for measuring Judo skills abilities to measure the power that is still measured through one variable "distance" like jumping or pushing a medicine ball whereas strength, distance and time are three variables could be maintained through the equation (power=strength X distance/time), strength can be determined by the opponent's weight, distance can be determined by throwing distance and time through using speed of motor response apparatus prepared and designed by the researcher in 2001 as no devices are available for measuring Judo skill's ability. Statistical coefficients were conducted where validity scored 10.384 at "T" test and "R" was 0.997 for correlation in measuring reliability of the test. Most of the experts ensured the test objectivity. The results confirmed the importance of using the test in training and measurements and conducting norms for all the skills for all ages.
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Subjects: judo test investigation method skill technique element movement co-ordination
Notations: technical and natural sciences combat sports
Published in: World Journal of Sport Sciences
Published: 2010
Volume: 3
Issue: S
Pages: 520-523
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced