Zmiany poziomu koordynacyjnych zdolnosci motorycznych u zapasników stylu klasycznego w wieku 12–19 lat

(Changes in the level of coordination motor abilities in Greco-Roman wrestlers aged 12–19)

Recognising and determining the changes in the level of coordination motor abilities (CMA) at various stages of sports training will make it possible to specify the means and methods of coordinative preparation in the course of a long-term training process. As a result, a more effective improvement and faster achievement of a high level of sports advancement will be feasible. Aim of the study. The aim of the study was to determine the changes in the level of particular CMA in Greco-Roman wrestlers aged 12–19. Material and methods. Wrestlers from the Student Sports Club “Dwójka” and the Sports School in Radom took part in the research. They were divided into 8 age groups: 12-, 13-, 14-, 15-, 16-, 17-, 18- and 19-year-olds. The levels of 14 indicators describing 7 coordination abilities were evaluated in the course of the three-yearslong continual research. Results and conclusions. It was confirmed that the development of the assessed CMA in Greco-Roman wrestlers aged 12–19 occurs at different points of time, at different intensity and takes different directions, thus making it unique. The biggest changes in the level of the CMA were observed in wrestlers aged 12–13 and 16–17. As for the former group, there occurred considerable development of all the CMA under investigation, while in the latter one it was found mainly in the case of balance, motor adaptability and kinesthetic differentiation. Furthermore, it was revealed that quick reaction, balance, and rhythm skills still develop in wrestlers up to 19 years of age.
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Subjects: wrestling Greco-Roman wrestling youth motor learning coordinative ability ability development long-term performance build-up talent junior elite sport
Notations: junior sports combat sports
Published in: Antropomotoryka
Published: 2012
Volume: 22
Issue: 58
Pages: 75-86
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