EHF Scientific Conference 2011 - Science and Analytical Expertise in Handball (Scientific and practical approaches)

Liste der Präsentationen: 1. Taborsky, F.: Phenomenon Handball: Introductory Lecture at the EHF Scientific Conference "Science and Analytical Expertise in Handball" 2. Arfa, Y.: Personality Traits as Predictors of Physical Capacities Development 3. Bideau, B.; Vignais N.; Kulpa R.; Craig C. and Delamarche P. : Do the Kinematic of the Throwing Action in Handball Influence Goalkeeper's Judgement? 19 4. Dumitriu, D.L.: Social Representations of Handball Coaches' Role 5. Dumitriu, D.L.: The Importance of Roles' Dynamics Inside a Team 6. Estriga, M.L.; Costa, J.M.; Melo, A. and Fazendeiro Batista, P: Decision Making in Portuguese Handball Referees 7. Estriga, M.L; Marques de Carvalho, João; Bernandez, J. and Massada, L.: Muscle Strength and ACL Injury in Portuguese Female Handball Players 8. Ferreira, A.L.; Fazendeiro Batista, P. and Estriga M.L.: Handball Teaching at School - a Pre-Service Teaching Experience Based on the Sport Education Model 9. Sosa, P.I. and Oliver, J.F.: Competitive Anxiety and Stress in Young Handball Players 10. Sosa, P.I. and Oliver, J.F.: Psychological Characteristics of Young Handball Players and its Importance for Handball Coaches 11. Sosa, P.I. and Oliver, J.F. : Psychological Variables Related to Motivation among Young Athletes of Handball Who Practise Competition Sport 12. Höritsch, H.: Handball at School - Didactical Guidelines for Physical Education (P.E.) Students and Teachers 13. Kajtna, T.; Pori, M.; Justin, I. and Pori, P.: Psychological Characteristics of Slovene Handball Goalkeepers 14. Luig, P. and Henke, T.: Acute Injuries in Handball 15. Luig, P. and Henke, T.: Injury Prevention in Handball 16. Marczinka, Z.: What's the Difference? - Coaching Female and Male Handball Players 17. Petronijevic, M.: Mini Handball - Handball as School Project in Serbia 18. Pollany, W.: The Position of Mirror Neurons in Linking Applied Psychology and Applied Pedagogy 19. Rivilla, J.; Lorenzo, J.; Ferro, A. and Sampedro, J.: Effect of the Decision Making Process in the Speed of Defensive Displacement in Handball 20. Rivilla, J.; Lorenzo, J.; Ferro, A.and Sampedro, J.: Effect of New Technologies on the Ability to Analyze Situations Sports in University Students 21. Vila, H.; Rodríguez, F.; Fernandez, J. and Ferragut, C.: Multidimensional Evalutation of Handball Players: Talent Selection by Discriminant Analysis 22. Vila, H.; Rodríguez, F.; Vázquez, I. and Fernández, J.: Multidimensional Evaluation of Young Handball Players: Discriminant Analysis Applied to Talent Selection 23. Acsinte, A.: Proprioseptive Training in Handball 24. Bon, M.; Bracic, M.; Šibila, M. and Pori P.: Handball Team Staff Heart Rate Monitoring during Women's Champions League Match 25. Oliver, J.F. and Sosa, P.I.: Study of the Proportion between Women and Men's Balls of Handball and the Measurement of the Hand of Women and Men Handball Players 26. Delamarche, P. and Bideau, B.: Relevance of Biological and Biomechanical Analysis in Handball Performance 27. Gutiérrez, O.; Contreras, J.; Saaverda, M.; Fernández, J.J.; Acsinte, A., Hernández, M. and Vazquez I.: Influence of Birth Year of Arrival at Elite Handball Male in Junior and U18´s 28. Hantau, C.; Toni?a, F.; Pascal, A. and Hantau Cr.: Influence of the Interpersonal Relationship on the Efficiency of the Attack for the Women Handball Teams 139 29. Justin, I.; Pori, M.; Kajtna, T. and Pori, P.: The Differences in the Selected Morphological Characteristics and Motor Abilities between the Slovenian Handball Goalkeepers and Students of Faculty of Sports 30. Manchado, C.; Ferragut, C.; Abraldes, A.; Rodriguez, N.; Alcaraz, P. and Vila H.: Ball Speed in Women Handball Players: Analysis of Different Playing Positions 31. Manchado, C. and Platen, P.: Time-Motion Analysis and Physiological Demands in International Women's Team Handball 32. Massuça, L.M.: The Relative Age Effect in Body Size and Success of World-Class Handball Players 33. Michalsik, L.B.; Madsen, K. and Aagaard, P.: Activity Match Profile and Physiological Demands in Female Elite Team Handball 34. Michalsik, L.B.; Aagaard, P. and Madsen, K.: Match Performance and Physiological Capacity of Male Elite Team Handball Players 35. Michalsik, L.B.; Aagaard, P. and Madsen, K.: Technical Activity Profile and Influence of Body Anthropometry in Male Elite Team Handball Players 36. Michalsik, L.B.; Madsen, K. and Aagaard, P.: Technical Match Characteristics and Influence of Body Anthropometry in Female Elite Team Handball Players 37. Póvoas, S.C.; Soares, J.M. and Rebelo A.: Activity Motor Pattern and Heart Rate during Elite Team Handball Matches 38. Póvoas, S.C.; Soares, J.M. and Rebelo A.: Metabolic Profile of Elite Team Handball 39. Šibila, M.; Bon, M.; Mohori?, U. and Pori P.: The Relation between Percentage of Body Fat and Measures of Running Speed, Jump Power and VO2max Consumption in Slovenian Junior Elite Handball Players 40. Tuma, M.; Zahálka,F. and Malý, T.: Postural Stability of Elite Women's Handball Players 41. Tuma, M. and Vozobulová, P.: Somatic Characteristics of Selected Youth Female Players by Czech Training Centres 42. Urban, F.; Kandrac, R. and Taborsky, F.: Position-Related Changes in Anthropometric Profiles of Top Male Handball Players: 1980 and 2010 43. Urban, F.; Kandrac, R. and Taborsky, F.: Position-Related Changes in Somatotypes of Top Level Male Handball Players: 1980 and 2010 44. Vila, H.; Manchado, C.; Abraldes, A.; Alcaraz, P.; Rodríguez, N.and Ferragut, C.: Anthropometric Profile in Female Elite Handball Players by Playing Positions 45. Visnapuu, M.; Jürimäe, T.; Jürimäe, J. and Allikivi P.: Relationship between High Level Young Handball Goalkeepers' Playing Characteristics and Body Composition 46. Belka, J.; Hulka, K.; Svoboda, Z. and Kostelnik V.: Load Intensity Comparison of Woman Players Aged 17-18 in Competitive and Warm-Up Matches in Handball 47. Bon, M.; Doupona Topic, M.; Šibila, M.; Pori, P. and Leskošek B.: Some Paths of Migration in Handball - Territory Characteristic 48. Castro, J.; Sequeira, P. and Cruz, C.: Goalkeeper - Specific Training for Youngsters. Characterization of the Importance and Structure in the Formation Process of Handball Goalkeeper 49. Foretic, N.; Rogulj, N.; Srhoj, V.; Burger, A. and Rajkovi?, K.: Differences in Situation Efficiency Parameters between Top Men and Women Handball Teams 50. Gutiérrez Aguilar, Ó.; Ruiz Gómez, J.L. and Ramis Claver, J.: Using DEA to Assess the Efficiency of Handball Teams 51. Hianik, J.: The Team Match Performance Indicators and their Evaluation in Handball 52. Hulka, K. and Belka J.: Analysis of Evaluative Methods of the External Load on Players during a Match in Sport Games 53. Ichimura, S.; Ogasawara, I.; Nakata, Y.; Inafuku, T.; Saito, S.; Todoroki, M.; 54. Tamura, S.; Moriguchi, T. and Tanaka M.: Quantification of Shooting Play Position and Shooting Course from Pictorial Handball Match Statistics Report 55. Laffaye, G. and Debanne T.: Prediction of Ball Velocity during Standing Throw and Gain of Velocity Obtained by Cross Over Step 56. Laffaye, G. and Debanne T.: Training Programs Used by French Professional Coaches to Increase Ball Throwing Velocity of Elite Handball Players 57. Lopes, A.; Sequeira, P.; Morgado, L.; Madeira, A.; Ildefonso, J.; Pires, B.; 58. Cardoso, M. and Dinis J.: Interaction in 3D Virtual Worlds: An Integrated Approach of Emerging Technologies in Handball 59. Massuça L.M.: Expertise Evaluation of Technical and Tactical Proficiency in Handball: Differences between Playing Status 60. Molotanovs, A.; Licis, R. and Židens J.: Goalkeepers' HRV Increase before Handball Competitions 61. Platen, P. and Manchado, C.: Basic Endurance Performance is Highly Correlated to Mean Heart Rate in Female Top Level Handball Players 62. Pori, M.; Justin, I.; Kajtna, T. and Pori P.: Which Motor Abilities Have the Highest Impact on Competitive Performance of Slovenian Handball Goalkeepers? 63. Pori, P.; Skaza, V.; Bon, M.; Šibila, M. and Štirn I.: Effect of Learning on the Change of the Ball Velocity of the Set Shot in the Team Handball 64. Pori, P.; Štirn, I.; Jeler, M.; Bon, M. and Šibila M.: The Influence of Feedback on the Change of the Ball Velocity of the Set Shot in the Team Handball 65. Prisacaru, R.: Analysis of Tactics and Offensive Play Systems at the European Elite Teams in Order to Optimize the Attack of the Romanian "Top" Teams - Men's Handball 66. Rogulj, N.; Papic, V.; Foretic, N.; Srhoj, V. and Cavala, M.: Innovative Positioning of the Goalkeeper in Defence of Seven-Metre Penalty Shots in Handball 67. Šibila, M.; Bon, M.; Mohoric, U. and Pori, P.: Differences in Certain Typical Performance Indicators at Five Consecutive Men's European Handball Championships Held in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 68. Skarbalius, A.: Monitoring Sport Performance in Handball 69. Wagner, H.;, Pfusterschmied, J.; von Duvillard, S.P. and Müller, E.: Performance and Kinematics of Various Throwing Techniques and Skill Levels in Team-Handball
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