Sztuka samoobrony a sport walki - podobienstwa i róznice w aspekcie podstawowych czynnooeci zawodowych trenera

(Martial arts and combat sports - similarities and differences in terms of the basic activities of a coach)

The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that different approaches to the training process in the selfdefense and martial arts, reflected the hierarchical structure of the basic activities of a coach. Materials and methods. Opinions of 159 trainers with many years of experience in capoeira (n=16), taekwon-do ITF version (n=95) and wrestling (n=48) were collected. Diagnostic survey method was used, and the instrument was a questionnaire developed by Tumanian [7] and modified by Januszewski and Sterkowicz [8]. Results. Capoeira and wrestling trainers did not agree as to the status of any of the 20 coach's activities. The biggest differences were in assessing the significance of instructing trainees during competitions, developing planning process and first aid giving. Rsp ranks correlation coefficient = 0.66, p<0.01. Capoeira and taekwon-do coaches had consistent opinions in case of five activities. The largest differences occurred in terms of organizing and judging the competition and instructing trainees during competitions. Rsp rank correlation coefficient = 0.50, p<0.05. The opinions of taekwon-do and wrestling coaches were in line for two activities and the two activities were given different ranks. Rsp rank correlation coefficient = 0.71, p<0.001. Conclusions. Managing technical and physical preparation of trainees, as well as their training process and body control, were the most important activities of a coach in three combat variations. Scientific-methodical research was considered unimportant. None of the surveyed coaches agreed with others on the importance of professional activities, and their rank does not differentiate representatives of the three types of combat.
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Subjects: combat sport wrestling taekwondo coach coaching training competition training planning educational training
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Published in: Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism
Published: 2013
Volume: 20
Issue: 2
Pages: 35-43
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