Measurement of reaction time in groups of young athletes in the conditions which require focused attention

Introduction. Abilities, as a psychological construct, are strictly connected with the notion of individual differences which determine the level and quality of athletesÂ’ achievements in a particular area of sports activity. Results of research on the speed of reaction are commonly used for the purpose of evaluating sports skills. Our research was aimed at determining differences in measurements of the speed of reaction in the conditions which require prolonged attention in girls and boys specialising in various types of sports. Material and methods. Our research comprised a group of girls (N=193) aged 10 to 14 out of whom 56 practiced swimming, 69 track-and-field athletics and 68 constituted control material (they did not practice any sports). In the same age groups male youths were confronted (N = 285), including: 64 swimmers, 69 handball players, 63 judokas and 89 persons not practicing any sports. Two attentional tasks were employed in our research for the purpose of assessment of simple reaction time (RT) to light stimuli emitted, firstly, in circumferential field of vision of the subjects, and secondly, in situations of surprise. Results and Conclusions. Variance analysis of mean times for these variables showed the existence of statistically significant differences between the researched sport groups and the control group in all age groups in the case of girls whereas in the case of boys only in some of them. As their age increased, in the case of females change tendencies could be observed in the track-and-field athletics group and in the control group. In the case of swimmers reaction times basically remained unchanged. In the case of boys the analysed factors decreased in all of the researched groups.
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Subjects: youth child junior elite sport swimming track and field handball judo reaction speed perception decision behavior male female
Notations: combat sports endurance sports junior sports sport games
DOI: 10.5604/20815735.1073624
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Published: 2013
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
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