Improving reaction time, an app devised to improve anticipation

Table Tennis Edge is the world's first brain training table tennis experience. Anticipation, it is a vital aspect for success in the sport of table tennis; at that skill, I have never met anyone who was more adept than England’s Desmond Douglas, winner of the Men’s Singles title at Europe Top 12 in 1987. Natural or can it be taught? Tests by the Australian based company ttEDGE suggest the latter. The impressive results show that the brain can be trained to improve anticipation by some 50 per cent. Research Developed alongside a group of neuroscientists, research shows that by using a specially designed App for just 15 minutes per day over 10 days, it helps increase your visual processing speed by at least 50 per cent. “The science behind the app is quite real and we have more ideas and high hopes for the future of this concept”, explained Brett Clarke who alongside current Australian international and colleague, William Henzell, is at the very heart of the project. Tests have been conducted involving both amateur and professional players. Improving Reaction Time “Improving reaction time is the basis of the concept by reading the signals emitted by your opponent”, added Brett Clarke. Simply that is the Desmond Douglas philosophy of table tennis. Watch your opponent Basically he advised that table tennis was about watching your opponent’s movements; watching their hand and wrist. I did ask what about backhand and forehand top spin? The reply was words the effect that was just natural; I suggest there might be the odd million or so people in the world who might find those strokes a little difficult to perfect.
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