Correlation analysis between Special Judo Fitness Test and Uchikomi Shuttle Run Rest

Background and Study Aim. Since 1995 (Sterkowicz), Special Judo Fitness Test (SJFT) has been validated and is widely used in order to measure Judo competitors’ Judo specific stamina. The purpose of this study was the knowledge about the correlation between the SJFT and the USRT (Uchikomi Shuttle Run Test that integrates Judo specific movements into shuttle run test) in order to seek for a possibility to employ the method practically at physical education class settings in Japan for examining Judo specific abilities. Material and Methods. Eighteen Judo competitors (means and SD: age = 20.3±1.2; height: 171.6±6.2cm; weight: 76.2±12.2kg) volunteered to complete both the SJFT and USRT. We specifically measured frequencies of the USRT and calculated the indices for SJFT. The USRT involves a 10m interval with one uke and another uke. First, a tori sets in the middle of the interval and reach to lift one uke and another, respectively and repeatedly (the tori has to ippon seoi nage, at least lift the uke). A tori attempts to accurately synchronize the beep sounds that starts at the speed of 17km per hour and increases 1km per hour in thirty seconds. A point the tori fails to follow the beeping tempo is the end. We counted the frequencies that the tori did ippon seoi nages within the time. Results. Pearson correlation analysis revealed that the frequencies of USRT were significantly associated with the index of SJFT (r = –0.56; p = 0.015). Conclusions. The results indicated that the USRT is a possible measure that can evaluate a combined abilities of physical education students’ Judo specific and general endurance capacities.
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Subjects: judo test investigation method diagnostics performance performance capacity training
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Published: 2015
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