Features of psycho-functional status in skilled women boxers

We studied specifics of psycho-functional status in women boxers. It was revealed that psychoemotional state in women boxers features higher anxiety and more significant deviation from autogenic norm. Performance of functional systems of sensomotor reactions in women boxers largely depends on functional status of the central nervous system and psychoemotional state. Sportswomen are more sensitive and emotionally excitable that may result in lesser adaptation to impact of destabilizing factors.
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Subjects: boxing female performance capacity performance factor elite sport anxiety psychic characteristics psychoregulation emotion
Notations: biological and medical sciences combat sports social sciences
DOI: 10.7752/jpes.2015.04115
Published in: Journal of Physical Education and Sport
Published: 2015
Volume: 15
Issue: 4
Pages: 752-757
Document types: article
Language: English
Level: advanced